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SAP Personalberatung durch Hype in München SAP Personalvermittung, SAP Personalberatung

Career Coaching Upon a One-to-One Basis -
For Everyone who Wants to Get Ahead Professionally!

High-Potential Coaching for SAP Junior Management Personnel

Many SAP experts want to get ahead in their careers, but do not know how. High-potential coaching is intended for them which the Hype Group offers specifically for Consultants, Developers and Project Managers in the SAP environment. As a Personal Career Consultant, Hype owner Frank Rechsteiner works with the applicants in order to gauge their individual career potential and to show ways to realise their career potential.

What goals does an SAP specialist associate with a new position? What tasks would he like to dedicate himself to in the future? What professional projects would he like to start if he had his free choice to select them?

Questions such as these are addressed in the high-potential coaching which develops a suitable strategy for each applicant for his continued development to become a Manager. “Precisely the IT and SAP industries are characterised by top-class performance and fierce competition”, explains Frank Rechsteiner. “If an applicant wants to obtain a management position, he must be precisely familiar with the career mechanisms and career options that are available in order to be successful.”

Thus, in addition to an initial determination of a participant’s medium-term career goals, the high-potential coaching for SAP experts includes a thorough analysis of his strengths and weaknesses. Frank Rechsteiner then works with the candidate on a personal training plan and timetable for obtaining an SAP management position.

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