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SAP Personalberatung durch Hype in München SAP Personalvermittung, SAP Personalberatung

When Changing Jobs, SAP Specialists are Striving for More Responsibility

We surveyed more than 500 IT Specialists and Managers in our current survey and received the following answers:

"Most SAP Specialists change jobs because they desire to have more responsibility. This was the conclusion from a survey which the Hype SAP Personnel Consulting Firm conducted among more than 500 SAP Specialists and Managers in Germany. According to this survey, for more than 81 percent of the IT experts desiring to change jobs, it was of critical significance to them that, in their future position, they would obtain greater influence, importance and decision-making flexibility. 73 percent place value on a good work atmosphere followed by the possibilities for continued development (70 percent) and a higher salary (65 percent)".

When will you assume more responsibility and take your next career step? We look forward to our cooperation with you so that you can also continue to progress in your career.